What Our Client's Say


Rozell Minnaar

I feel that Julie is a well-balanced and beautiful person inside and out. She has been very dedicated and committed to helping me help myself maintain a better quality of life. She is patient, kind, confident and very professional.

What do you think of the Program?

The program has been and is absolutely incredible. It has worked on all areas of my life. The coaching is simple and yet complex. It is definitely result driven. It has been totally inspirational and wonderful. It has quite literally changed my life.

How did the program help you?

The program in conjunction with my incredible life coach Julie has been a truly life altering experience. Almost every aspect of my life has been changed or magnificently improved. I see my life through different eyes now. I used to be very depressed, felt all is hopeless, highly stressed, always tired, had terrible mood swings, bad sleeping patterns, bad relationships and I carried a lot of emotional baggage and could not move forward. I held grudges and was very judgemental of others.

After 3 Months?

I appreciate my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for creating and designing the opportunities that lead to this course becoming part of my life's journey to fulfil a great purpose. I don't allow for depression to rule my life. I am so excited and feel hopeful for the future. My stress levels are much lower because I have learned how to manage stress better through various techniques. I have much more energy to do my daily tasks. I don't have such extreme mood swings anymore. I sleep so much better now and feel more rested in the morning. I have practical activities that I can do to help me better my quality of life. This life coaching course has helped me to make sense of my life and to give me direction. It has given me the opportunity and tools to design the type of life I want. It has helped me to have better relationships with people and better understanding of people. It has given me the tools and knowledge to be in control of what I want in my life. Thank you for your help and commitment Julie. God Bless You.



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